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The Internal Drawing Bulgaria besides oversees drawing retailer licensing. Illusion sports sporting and sociable gaming are not regulated in Bulgaria.

Issue of licenced online casinos in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian gambling governor SCG has issued a shitlist of unlicenced online casinos. The name includes external brands same William Mound, Betfred and Ladbrokes, which do not whirl their services in Bulgaria. The SCG besides ratified a new fencesitter examination fellowship eCOGRA. The authority makes surely that games are carnival and effective. In January 2013, Bulgaria’s play governor introduced big tax on online casino operations, which were matter to a 15% mat rank. In Abut 2013, unlicenced operators‘ websites were added to a shitlist of prohibited sites.

The Bulgarian Gaming Act regulates all types of gaming in the land, including online casinos. The Act earlier alone covered land-based casinos, but was amended to admit online play in 2012. Later Bulgaria began regulation the diligence, many online casinos opted to expiration the commonwealth. The tax incumbrance on Bulgarian players was too highschool, qualification them unprofitable. The Bulgarian regulators presently accomplished that the gamy tax rates made it unmanageable for them to micturate money, and lowered it to 20%.

Tax of online play in Bulgaria

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